Armonk Wildlife Removal

At Westchester Wildlife we have developed our reputation as the go-to specialists for Armonk wildlife removal since 1982. Building upon the extensive expertise of our President and Owner Jim Dreisacker, Westchester Wildlife has developed and perfected an array of effective and humane techniques for Armonk wildlife removal.

Are you dealing with nuisance or damage from unwanted wildlife on or near your property? Westchester Wildlife is the leading Armonk wildlife removal company, offering a wide variety of effective services and solutions.

Armonk animal removal: In the late 1990’s when Armonk experienced a boom in new development and construction, many of the areas natural inhabitants found themselves needing to adapt to a changing environment. Unfortunately, this has led to a rise in incidents of conflict between wildlife and residents as well as an increased need for Armonk animal removal. We are proud to say that Westchester Wildlife has, and continues to provide the most preferred services available for Armonk animal removal including services to remove or prevent: Beavers, Coyotes, Deer, Geese, Raccoons, Skunks, Snakes and more…

Armonk pest removal: Have you found yourself the victim of a pest infestation? Often what starts out as a simple little guest or two finding a cozy bit of refuge for the night in the foundation or attic of your home can soon turn into an infestation of hundreds or many thousands of pests at which point you will need Armonk pest removal. Bats can quickly grown from a roosting pair to a population of a few hundred. Bees typically have 15,000+ workers per hive. Mice, Rats, Chipmunks and Squirrels can all develop colonies nesting throughout the structure of your home or business. With Westchester Wildlife removal and control in Armonk there is no situation too large or too small. Due to various state regulations concerning various species, the best rule of thumb is to simply call Westchester Wildlife and allow us to provide you with specific recommendations and an estimate for removal and prevention services.

Humane wildlife removal Armonk, NY: We understand that while your primary concern is to reclaim an animal and pest free property, you may prefer knowing that the techniques used by Westchester Wildlife in Armonk wildlife removal are considered respectful and environmentally conscious. These techniques include, catch and release, repellents, methods of exclusion and often a combination of measures according to the specific situation.

Don’t let your problem get worse. If you feel that you may need Armonk wildlife removal, call Westchester Wildlife today. Armonk wildlife removal by the experts at Westchester Wildlife is the best solution for your unwanted animal situation.