Squirrel Damage is all too real!

Squirel Damage BEFORE

Squirrels are desperate to get into your home this time of year…your home is probably pretty toasty, who can blame them?! However, when damage is done and squirrels are raiding your living room…we have a problem! Trust that Westchester Wildlife can humanely remove the squirrels and seal and repair the damage. Take a look at the before and after of one of our valued customers homes. With over 30 years of experience, we have seen a lot of holes like these! Squirel Damage REPAIR

Repairing the hole is the last step, we want to make sure the squirrels are out first! Trapping an animal inside the home can not only be inhumane but once the animal has deceased they can leave your home smelling..well…less like clean linen!

For more information on how and what we use for Squirrel trapping and removal, you can listen to owner Jim Dreisacker explain our methods, just visit this link: Squirrel Removal

Have Bees Invaded Your Home?

Brent Wallace, son of a homeowner in Spring, Texas, recently discovered the stuff of nightmares in his mother’s home. Fourteen years ago, Wallace noticed a hive of bees in the first story wall of the house and had it removed. Six months later, the bees returned. That was in 1999. Walter Schumacher of Central TexasContinue Reading

17 Species of Snake in New York

There are 17 species of snake in New York. And they are all integral parts of their ecosystems. As prey for foxes and hawks and predators for rodents of all sorts, they are an irreplaceable link in New York food chains. The two most common snakes are garter snakes and water snakes. Garter snakes areContinue Reading

Got Bats? Give us a call at 800-273-6673

Oh yes– it’s bat season!  Those things you seeing flying around your house at dusk are not birds– they’re bats! If you see a bat in your house, DO NOT TOUCH IT!   If you can, trap it in one room and give us a call. Bats can form colonies in your attic, in theContinue Reading

Grey Squirrel Entry Point– Stamford, CT

Coyotes in Suburban Areas

Coyote Removal “When the population gets too high, you need to have a proper trapping program coming in and removing coyotes every year to lessen the chance of an incident,” said Dreisacker. “The coyote numbers aren’t going to go down, they’re just going to keep going up.” NYS Department of Environmental Protection (NYDEC) began fieldContinue Reading

Coyote Behavior and Characteristics

The Eastern Coyote: Coyotes living in New York State have the appearance similar to that of a German Shepard.  Some physical traits include: Large erect ears Gray, Tan or Reddish Yellow coloring “Bib-like” patch of white fur around neck Generally weigh between 35 to 50 pounds Appear heavier due to a thick, double coat ofContinue Reading

Importance of Attic and Basement Clean Outs

Greetings Westchester Wildlife enthusiasts! The holidays are upon us again! It’s the perfect time of year to seal active animal entry points and clean out animal waste left behind in attics, basements, or crawl spaces before your company arrives. Animal waste not only damages your home insulation, but can leave stains on the ceiling andContinue Reading

Northern Flying Squirrels in Your Home

FLYING SQUIRRELS IN YOUR HOME: The Northern Flying squirrels will often find small openings in the corners of dormers on the home around the gutter line where drip edge may be missing. Also, in a rotted soffit area or just simply use an entrance created by a woodpecker or other animal. They will even chewContinue Reading

Northern Flying Squirrel: Mating Season

Mating Season: The mating season begins late March and early April. It is common for the male to be driven off by their mate before their young are born since the female northern flying squirrel is territorial, whereas the male is not (Mammath and Mulheisen, 1996). At night the adults may feed and play together,Continue Reading