• The American Red Squirrel: Behavior and Traits

    The North American Red Squirrel can also be referred to as pine squirrels and chickarees. Red Squirrels differ from other North American tree squirrels in that they are smaller in size and have reddish fur with a white belly. They are actually not much bigger than chipmunks.

  • The House Mouse: Behavior and Traits

    The “house mouse” belongs to the rodent family. They commonly dwell in close distance to humans. These small, furry mammals adapt in a variety of environmental conditions and can be found seeking residence (especially in colder months) in homes, commercial structures, and open fields.

  • Skunks & Raccoons: Behaviors and Seasonal Lawn Damage

    Skunks are widely recognized for their unique black and white striped markings and foul odor they can leave behind. Their notorious defensive mechanism is to spray when threatened.

  • The Northern Flying Squirrel

    It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. You wake up to something scratching and running around above your head in the ceiling. What can it be? Wait, it sounds like there could be more than one! What are they doing up there…bowling?

  • Presidential Raccoon

  • Summer Bees Continued

    Types of Bees Common in Summer

    It is very common to see several types of bees during spring, summer, and fall. This time of year we can expect yellow jackets and hornets to be prevalent in Westchester County and surrounding areas.