“Do It Yourself” Supplies

Westchester Wildlife provides simple and cost effective ways of controlling certain animals with our time tested supplies. As we continue to grow in the wildlife control industry, we will continue to provide you with the best available products.

The Batcone and Pro-cone Series of bat exclusion products are designed to exclude multiple species from residential and commercial structures, including bats, sparrows, starlings, red squirrels, flying squirrels, and small rodents. Visit the Batcone Store for pricing or additional product information.

To order the products listed below please contact Wildlife Control Supplies at 877-684-7262 or visit http://www.wildlifecontrolsupplies.com.



Peanut Liquid Lure


Magnum Maple Raccoon Liquid Lure 8 oz. $12.95*
Melon Madness Woodchuck/Raccoon Liquid Lure 8 oz. $12.95*
Sweet Berry Treat Multi-Purpose Liquid Lure (for raccoons, skunks, woodchucks, possum, rats & mice) 8 oz. $12.95*
Banana Blast Liquid Lure (for raccoons, skunks, and possum) 8 oz. $12.95*
8 oz. discounted case price: includes 36 bottles [mix and match]
8 oz. case $326.00*
*plus shipping & handling