Batcone® & Pro-cone® Exclusion Products

The creation of the Batcone and Pro-cone excluders are the direct findings of Jim’s wildlife control experience in the rural and suburban areas of New York and Connecticut. His broad work in the field increased his exposure to bat infestation in commercial buildings as well as residential structures. Initially, Jim improvised using various hand-made tools to help in bat removal techniques.

Brown Bat PhotoAfter the testing and evaluation of all other bat removal devices, Jim began to develop several prototypes. Each was continually modified to achieve consistent, effective results.

Both the Batcone and Pro-cone excluders are exclusive, trade-marked and patent-pending designs that provide successful, safe and humane tools for the removal of various wildlife from all kinds of structures.

The Original Batcone 1 is a disposable excluder exclusively designed for bats and was created with a built-in flange that can be cut to fit into many installation areas.

The Batcone 2 is also an excluder exclusively for bats and is a new and improved sturdy, square-shaped version of the original Batcone. It is made of weather-proof plastic and comes with built-in flanges with mounting holes that make installation on virtually any surface fast and easy.

It can also be installed with a flexible, vinyl flange. The Batcone 2 is endorsed by both by the Organization for Bat Conservation and Bat Conservation International, as well as being listed on Bat Conservation International’s web site under Excluders.

Batcone / Westchester Wildlife, Inc. has just introduced a new series of Pro-cone excluders made from a heavy duty, weather-proof polyurethane plastic designed for the effective exclusion of bats, sparrow, starlings, flying squirrels, red squirrels, chipmunks and other small rodents.

Humane Exclusion Products

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Batcone bat exclusion product
The Batcone 2
Procone Round
Pro-cone Round
Procone Square
Pro-cone Square
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Pro-cone Corner