Greenwich Wildlife Removal

Westchester Wildlife has enjoyed a reputation of being the top Greenwich wildlife removal company for over a quarter century. Our extensive experience in Greenwich wildlife removal allows us to safely and effectively remove and relocate animals in an eco-conscious fashion while adhering to all state regulations pertaining to each species. Utilizing a number of widely accepted best practices and state of the art products, we have perfected the procedures for Humane wildlife removal in Greenwich, NY.

The woodland areas surrounding our Village add to the unique beauty and charm that this region is known for, however these same woods are home to a wide variety of animals which makes Greenwich wildlife removal a very common necessity. The specialists at Westchester Wildlife have dedicated their lives to becoming experts in the species, habits and habitats involved in Greenwich animal removal. Greenwich animal removal involves services for beavers, coyotes, deer, geese, raccoons, skunks and many more. Take a look at our Animals ID page for a full list of the species we specialize in.

Each case certainly may have intricacies that are specific to it, however our vast experience from years of Greenwich wildlife removal have prepared us for any situation. If you find that birds, bats, mice, rats or any other little critters have turned your home into their hotel, seek the advice of Greenwich pest removal professionals on the best methods for dealing with the situation. Most people are not aware of state regulations that actually protect many of these creatures, or the products and methods that allow for the most humane and effective Greenwich pest removal.

Wildlife removal and control Greenwich is much more than ridding your property of unwanted critters. At Westchester Wildlife our goal is to restore an environment where locals of every species can coexist peacefully by establishing and maintaining the boundaries that keep both residents and wildlife at a comfortable distance. That is what Greenwich wildlife removal from Westchester Wildlife is all about.