Company History

Jim Dreisacker, the President and owner of Westchester Wildlife, founded the company in 1982. He is an experienced wildlife control professional, licensed in New York and Connecticut.

Jim Dreisacker is a licensed member of The New York State Wildlife Management Association (NYSWMA), an organization of professionals dedicated to resolving conflicts between humans and wildlife. Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators (NWCOs) are licensed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

NWCOs are the first responders when people are having a wildlife problem.

fillerJim has been cited in articles of major publications, including the New York Times and PCT Magazine. Jim has also been a guest of television and radio programs as well as an invited speaker at numerous state wildlife association seminars, including NTSWMA, NJWDC, and the Wildlife Society, Northeast Student Conclave,

Jim was selected to work on a New York State suburban coyote study with Cornell University. Read more about the Cornell coyote study.

Westchester Wildlife is the area’s leading wildlife control company, providing professional wildlife management services for Homeowners, Property Managers, Businesses and Government Agencies.

We comply with all state regulations and are licensed by the state of New York to legally manage problems caused by nuisance animals on another’s property. We operate in full compliance with city and county ordinances, state regulations and health codes.

Westchester Wildlife professionals are fully insured. We guarantee all our work and materials, including damage repairs, exclusion and prevention work.

Customer satisfaction and animal safety are always a priority.

Westchester Wildlife Control is an environmentally conscious company. We use respectful approaches in wildlife removal. This may involve a catch and release method of relocating the animal on state property. It may involve the use of repellents, exclusionary measures, or sometimes a combination of solutions depending on the situation.

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