Spring Time is Prime Time for Wildlife in Your Home

Says Westchester Wildlife, Bat Removal Experts

Westchester, NY (MarketWire) May 6, 2010 – As spring arrives, flowers bloom and animals emerge from hibernation – and so do the pests. Spring is prime time for animals to begin infesting homes as well as the busiest time for bat removal, skunk removal and raccoon removal, says Westchester Wildlife, a leading wildlife control company in Westchester, Fairfield, Putnam Dutchess and Orange Counties.

“The cold weather keeps animals from moving around too much, but once the snow melts and spring arrives, young animals begin to move out from their family groups. Unfortunately, when they are looking for their own territories they often choose your home,” said Jim Dreisacker, president and owner of Westchester Wildlife.

Westchester Wildlife specializes in removing wildlife such as bats, skunks and raccoons from both residential and commercial structures and properties in the most environmentally conscious and humane ways possible.

“We get an influx of calls for bat removal, skunk removal and raccoon removal during spring. In general, these animals are gentle creatures but occasionally they become a nuisance and get too close for comfort.” said Dreisacker. “Most damage caused by raccoons occurs during the early spring when females are pregnant, and spring is also breeding season for skunks. If one of these critters finds its way into your basement, garage or backyard we recommend you call us immediately for safe removal of the animal.”

Bats, skunks and raccoons are among the leading carriers or rabies, and should always be approached with caution. Animals displaying unusual behavior, such as staggering and not being afraid of people, should be reported immediately.

Westchester Wildlife complies with all state regulations and is licensed by the state of New York to legally manage problems caused by nuisance animals on another’s property. They operate in full compliance with city and county ordinances, state regulations and health codes, and are fully insured, guaranteeing all their work and materials, including damage repairs, exclusion and prevention work.

Westchester Wildlife Control is an environmentally conscious company, and prides itself on using respectful approaches in wildlife removal. This may involve catch-and-release methods of relocating the animal on state property, use of repellents, exclusionary measures, or sometimes a combination of solutions depending on the circumstances.

In addition to wildlife trapping, removal and relocation, Westchester Wildlife also offers written estimates for all animal damage repairs and exclusion work necessary, and dead animal location and removal.

For additional information, please visit www.WestchesterWildlife.com.

About Westchester Wildlife, LLC:

Westchester Wildlife is the leading wildlife control company in Westchester, Fairfield, Putnam Dutchess and Orange Counties. They provide professional wildlife management services for homeowners, property managers, businesses and government agencies. Their services and solutions include bat removal, skunk removal, raccoon removal and other wildlife trapping, removal and relocation.


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