Lewisboro Wildlife Removal

Lewisboro wildlife removal involves more that simply ridding your property of undesirable pests, it is about creating an environment where wildlife and residents can coexist peacefully, by enjoying one another from a distance. The techniques utilized by Westchester Wildlife have been pioneered by our well known founder Jim Dreisacker have paved the way for the most widely utilized best practices for Lewisboro pest removal. Lewisboro wildlife removal involves a wide variety of methods from identification of the factors drawing animals to the property, key entry points, humane and effective methods for capturing the critter and ideal release locations.

With Westchester Wildlife removal and control in Lewisboro there are no circumstances too simplistic or too difficult for our services. Lewisboro pest removal is not a practice of hunting, capturing and killing (which is illegal for some species), but it is rather a set of techniques for removal, exclusion and preservation.

Since being founded in 1982 Westchester Wildlife has been favored with a reputation for being the Lewisboro wildlife removal experts. We have always been known as an environmentally conscious company that employs only humane wildlife removal in Lewisboro, NY.

The professionals at Westchester Wildlife have dedicated their lives and careers to developing their outstanding expertise in the species, habits, and habitats involved in Lewisboro animal removal. Whether you have found yourself the victim of delinquent raccoons, or an unintentional landlord to an attic full of bats, Westchester Wildlife has the solutions you are looking for.

Lewisboro animal removal is a practice that requires an intimate understanding of each of the areas the wildlife inhabit. Each and every one of our methodologies for Lewisboro wildlife removal is not only humane and effective, but follows the state guidelines for dealing with the species in question. 

If you have found yourself in need of Lewisboro wildlife removal, call today and let the experts at Westchester Wildlife restore the natural order of things on your property. (800)273-6673.