New Canaan Wildlife Removal

Westchester Wildlife has specialized in New Canaan wildlife removal since founder Jim Dreisacker founded our company in 1982. Since that time we have established the reputation as the go-to experts for wildlife removal and control in New Canaan. New Canaan wildlife removal involves a variety of practices from identifying the factors that have drawn the animals in, the key points of entry onto the property or into the home, safe and effective methods for capture and proper locations for release.

It is our depth of experience that allows our Bronxville animal removal methodologies to be so effective. We draw upon this experience constantly in order to offer complete and cost effective animal damage repairs and exclusions solutions.

New Canaan pest removal requires not only a thorough understanding of the living patterns that cause infestations and methods to resolve them, but also a knowledge of the applicable legal codes and guidelines. For instance, one of the common calls we receive for New Canaan wildlife removal is due to bats, which are illegal to kill or harm, however through the installation of a batcone, this attic visitor will be forced to find accommodations elsewhere.

New Canaan wildlife removal is more than a job to us. We are absolutely committed to ensuring that every interaction with wildlife results in the avoidance of any unnecessary dangers to any animals or humans involved an that the offending animals are relocated and/or discouraged from returning. Humane wildlife removal in New Canaan, NY is our commitment, our passion and our promise to you. The many animals that make their home in and around our town are certainly one of the uniquely charming characteristics of the region, however when mother natures children get a little too close for comfort, Westchester Wildlife is here with effective and humane Bedford wildlife removal services that you can feel good about.

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