Vole Removal

Vole Characteristics

Vole Meadow MiceVoles, frequently mistaken for shrews, field mice and deer mice, are common throughout the United States. These small, short-tailed, short-eared rodents will sometimes feed upon and damage plants in gardens and orchards.

Voles (sometimes called Meadow Mice) are frequently mistaken for shrews, field mice and deer mice.

Voles live in nearly every type of habitat, from rocky slopes in forested mountains and low boggy meadows to urban streets and inside peoples’ houses. Some move about on the surface of the ground, while others keep to thick vegetation, rock crevices or tunnels. Most feed at night and remain active year-round.

Voles can burrow into the root systems of landscaping shrubs and trees, causing young specimens to experience dieback or to begin to lean. These rodent pests will also gnaw on a tree trunk and at the base of a shrub.

Vole Meadow MiceIn addition, voles damage flower bulbs and potatoes in the garden. Mainly, however, voles eat the stems and blades of grass. And the runways they leave behind in the process make for an unsightly lawn. 

Voles may cause extensive damage to orchards, ornamentals, and tree plantings due to their girdling of seedlings and mature trees. Voles eat crops and also damage them when they build extensive runway and tunnel systems.

Voles also can ruin lawns, golf courses, and ground covers. Gnaw marks alone are not necessarily indicative of the presence of voles, since other animals, such as rabbits, may cause similar damage.

Voles pose no major public health hazard because of their infrequent contact with humans; however, they are capable of carrying disease organisms, such as plague and tularemia. Be careful and use protective clothing when handling voles.

Vole Removal and Prevention

Trapping is an effective method of vole control. Modifying the habitat by elimintaing ground cover and cultivating soil reduces populations and destroys burrows.

Voles can also carry rabies and may pose a hazard to your pets. Getting rid of these pint-sized pests can be a little frustrating, but taking care of the problem as soon as possible will save you major problems later on.

Call a professional pest control company Westchester Wildlife for Vole Removal or to assist with a stubborn vole population and when voles have died on the property, leaving a strong odor.