Waccabuc Wildlife Removal

At Westchester Wildlife, we know that Waccabuc wildlife removal is about much more than getting rid of unwanted pests. It’s about ensuring that residents and wildlife coexist peacefully by establishing and securing appropriate boundaries, keeping the critters from going where they don’t belong. Since 1982 we have been utilizing proven techniques for safe and effective Waccabuc wildlife removal. Our founder Jim Dreisacker is a well known and respected wildlife expert, having appeared on numerous television and radio programs and been cited in articles for publications such as the New York Times and PCT Magazine.

Though Waccabuc is within a short distance from the hustle and bustle of New York City, our little hamlet enjoys a rural setting and is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Therefore,  Wildlife removal and control in Waccabuc is a common necessity.

Waccabuc wildlife removal involves a variety of methods and techniques depending on the specifics of the situation. Do you have Bats, Rats, or Mice in the attic or basement? Are birds nests becoming pests? Whatever your needs may be we have the perfect Waccabuc pest removal solutions for you.

Have some troublesome raccoons found their way into your wastebins time and time again? Are local Coyotes posing a threat to your pet? It sounds like you need Waccabuc animal removal. Westchester Wildlife only practices humane wildlife removal for Waccabuc, NY, strictly adhereing to environmentally conscious methodologies and adhering to all state regulations regarding specific species.

Waccabuc wildlife removal is more than a job for us. It is something that we are passionate about. We know that if you take the right precautions in and around your property you will enjoy the local wildlife the way they are meant to be enjoyed… from a distance.

So if you find yourself in need of Waccabuc animal removal, call Westchester Wildlife. The Waccabuc wildlife removal specialists. (800)273-6673.