Chipmunk Removal & Control Service

Humane Chipmunk Removal & Control Service in New York & Connecticut

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Environmental Methods for Chipmunk Control

Rodent Control Services in Westchester County Most conflicts with chipmunks are nuisance problems. When chipmunks are present in large numbers they can cause structural damage by burrowing under patios, stairs, retention walls, or foundations. They may also consume flower bulbs, seeds, or seedlings, as well as bird seed, grass seed, and pet food that is not stored in rodent-proof storage containers.

Homes with wooded lots, thickets of ornamental shrubbery and dry rock walls are attractive to chipmunks. This habitat can be made less attractive to the animals by altering the pattern of natural and ornamental plantings. However, most people value their trees and shrubs too highly for drastic modification of the landscape, and may opt to tolerate the chipmunks as a part of the natural community.

Chipmunk Habitat Modification Methods

Chipmunk Removal in New York & ConnecticutChipmunks are not protected by federal law, but state and local regulations may apply.  Store food items, such as bird seed and dog food, in rodent-proof containers. Ground covers, shrubs, and wood piles should not be located adjacent to structure foundations.

Their entry can be prevented by closing holes in foundation walls, and by screening windows, vents and other ground-level openings. They can also be easily trapped with live traps.

Pesticides for Chipmunks

Pesticides are not recommeded for use to control Chipmunks. Call Westchester Wildlife for safe and humane Chipmunk removal and prevention.