Geese Removal & Control

Humane Geese Removal, Control, & Prevention in New York & Connecticut

Geese Characteristics

Goose problems in urban and suburban areas are primarily caused by giant Canada geese, which are probably the most adaptable of all waterfowl.

Geese Removal in NY & CTIf left undisturbed, these geese will readily establish nesting territories on ponds in residential yards, golf courses, condominium complexes, city parks, or on farms.

Most people will readily welcome a pair of geese on a pond. They can soon turn from pet to pest, however. A pair of geese can, in 5 to 7 years, easily become 50 to 100 birds that are fouling ponds and surrounding yards and damaging landscaping, gardens, and golf courses.

Defense of nests or young by geese can result in injuries to people who come too close. Geese removal in these cases require extreme care. Let use handle delicate situations like these.

The once nearly extinct Canada goose population has proliferated over the last 30 years. Their growth has presented some unattractive landscape surroundings and health concerns to many residents and businesses.

The numbers of goose-related complaints have increased in urban areas where virtually no hunting or predator pressure exists. Feces, property damage, and aggressive behavior from the geese are the most common problems reported by landowner’s.

Geese Removal, Control, and Prevention

Ways to make your habitat unattractive to geese: install fence around ponds, gardens, and yards, allow ponds to freeze in winter, eliminate vegetation in and around ponds. Permits can be acquired from NY state in the off season for geese removal.

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