Pigeon Control & Removal

Humane Pigeon Removal & Control Service in New York and Connecticut

Pigeon Control in Dutchess and Fairfield CountyPigeon Characteristics

Pigeons have adapted well to urban environments. Most cities are full of flocks of these birds looking
for handouts. They often associate humans with food, and are unafraid to flock closely to people.

Their nesting material can clog vents and drain pipes, and cause potential fire hazards. The droppings and feathers can contaminate large quantities of livestock feed and food destined for human consumption.

Successful Pigeon Removal

Westchester Wildlife’s specialty is the removal of pigeons from roofs, gables, steeples and other hard-to-reach locations through special trapping techniques. Depending on city, county, federal and state law, the pigeons will either be relocated or euthanized once they are taken away. Either way, the pigeons will be treated in a humane manner.

Pigeon Removal in Fairfield and Dutchess CountyOur pigeon trappers use a variety of pigeon live traps, depending on the kind of pigeon infestation and federal, county and state laws. More people contact me looking for no-kill options for wildlife and even for domestic animals that they have on their property. These animals might be bats in their garage or pigeons roosting on their office building.

If possible we will employ solutions where animals can be removed without euthanization. Good examples are bats, mud swallows and woodpeckers. Once removed we perform maintenance to prevent them from returning.

If pigeons have already died in your air vents or anywhere else on your living or working space, we have dead-pigeon animal removal services and can also help clear odors caused by decomposing birds. We also offer pigeon dropping clean up services. Call Westchester Wildlife for details.

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